Scott and Emily | Alpharetta Ga Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of this wonderful moment. It’s a moment that is rarely captured and I was honored to do this for this couple.

I knew the plan of the day and had arranged to arrive at the rink (this was their first date too) early so that I could get in and ‘hide’. Let me just say that I was nervous! What if she spotted me and then the whole thing was a bust?!

They skated around a bit and that’s where I learned that Scott is an ex-hockey player and that Emily loved watching him play (it echoed in there). I also knew that when he fell, it was go time. So I waited while they skated.

Then he fell. And he FELL. I mean, leg up. It was definitely real.


She was all, “OMG, are you OK?!”



Then the music started and it was magical!

She said YES!

Checking out her ring, which is gorgeous!


The he revealed me to her…


Scott and Emily, Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. I hope that the two of you will have a beautiful life together filled with happiness and blessings.


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